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Turkey has recently become one of the most preferred countries by international students. Foreign students are now opting for Turkey over other countries due to the increasing quality of education, living standards, exemptions granted for foreign students and the socio-cultural structure that is appealing everyone. 

There are over 170 universities in Turkey. Universities play an integral part in life such as offering various social opportunities, campuses within social life, strong academic staff, assistance while adapting to life in Turkey and help in gaining vocational competencies.



Foreign students admitted to universities in Turkey are sent a “Letter of Acceptance”. Students living abroad can apply to the Turkish Consulate with the “Letter of Acceptance” to be granted a student visa. Student visa is listed among the documents required during university enrolment. 


Foreign students are required to have a health insurance to cover their health costs. Health insurance is among the requirements for foreign students to be able to make a residential permit application. 


Foreign students residing in Turkey are required to have a residential permit granted by the province they reside. Residential permit is granted by the Immigration Office. Residential permits of foreign students are renewed each year. Students residing with a tourist visa are required to change their residence into student permit once a “Student Letter” has been received.


Students wishing to receive academic education in undergraduate programs in Turkey may receive education in public universities or foundation universities. The acceptance conditions are different for public universities and foundation universities.

1-Acceptance Conditions for Foundation Universities: 

In general, sitting an exam is not required to be admitted into foundation universities. Having a high school diploma grade of 50 over 100 is sufficient for application. 

Students wishing to study in Turkish language departments are required to have a TÖMER certificate with a minimum level of B1. Students wishing to study in English language department are required to succeed in TOEFL or in “Foreign Language Test” held by the university itself.

2-Acceptance Conditions for Public Universities: 

A student has to sit YÖS or SAT exam to apply for a public university. YÖS (Foreign Student Selection Exam/Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Seçme Sınavı) is an exam that is held internally by each university. Turqua Group additionally offers the chance to place students into partnering public universities with high school diploma grades. YÖS exams held by some foundation universities and public universities are recognized by other universities too.
Please contact us for more details on this matter. 

Documents Required for Undergraduate Program Applications:

a.High School diploma (English or Turkish translation)
b.High School transcript (English or Turkish translation)
c.Passport copy

Documents Required for University Enrolment:

a.Original copy of the high school diploma approved by Turkish foreign missions or notary. (High school diploma has to be translated into Turkish.)
b.Original copy of the high school transcript approved by Turkish foreign missions or notary. (High school transcript has to be translated into Turkish.)
c.Notary approved copy of passport and Turkish translation.
d.High School Certificate of Equivalence (To be issued from Ministry of National Education or foreign missions in their countries.)
e.Document to certify language proficiency. (Student is obliged to complete a year of preparation if there is no language proficiency.)
g.“Letter of Acceptance” to certify university admission
h.Receipt of enrolment fee


There are several English and Turkish language program options for foreign students wishing to receive postgraduate education in foundation universities or in public universities in Turkey. Tuition fees for studying in foundation universities are paid in US Dollar. But in public universities such fees are paid in Turkish Lira. Turqua Group is offering the foreign students the chance to complete postgraduate and doctorate studies both in foundation universities and in public universities. Being in collaboration with the best universities in Turkey, Turqua places foreign students into public or foundation universities with the most affordable tuition fees in line with the students’ needs and desires. Turqua is partnering with foundation universities with the highest scholarship rates. And in partnering public universities, it is completing students’ application and admission procedures in the most convenient way. 

Documents Required for Postgraduate Program Applications:

a.High school and undergraduate diploma (English or Turkish translation)
b.High school and bachelor’s transcript (English or Turkish translation)
c.Passport copy
e.Reference Letter (not required by every university)
f.Motivation Letter (not required by every university)
g.Résumé (CV) (not required by every university)

Documents Required for Doctorate Program Applications:

a.Undergraduate and postgraduate diploma (English or Turkish translation)
b.Undergraduate and postgraduate transcript (English or Turkish translation)
c.Passport copy
e.TOEFL grade
f.Reference Letter (not required by every university)
g.Motivation Letter (not required by every university)
h.Résumé (not required by every university)

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