Turqua Group has launched its national and international education activities in 2017 with an enterprising, innovative and supplementary approach. Being actively involved in many organizations and activities in the field of education in Turkey, Turqua has a mission that creates consciousness and difference in the field of education through innovative projects.

Thanks to the special agreements made by the leading universities of Turkey, Turqua Group is offering the most special scholarship opportunities for international students wishing to receive academic education in Turkey. With a specialist team of lecturers and guides, it undertakes all the organization of the academic education of foreign students in Turkey, make them prepared to their life in Turkey. As a result of the international agreements it has concluded, Turqua is promoting the Turkish universities in the international arena and also assisting the universities in their efforts towards foreign students. Turqua is the solution partner to universities in many areas they need.

Our some partners:
Bahçeşehir University
Altınbaş University
Aydın University
Gelişim University
Şehir University
Okan University
Cyprus Science University
Ayvansaray University
Biruni University
Europen Higher Education School
Rumeli University

Turqua owns projects in many areas that will contribute to the academic change and development in Turkey. It is organizing Education and Certificate programs, panels, seminars; is actively involved in the organization of many symposiums and organizations and contributes to various educational activities. 

As well as cooperating with various municipalities, associations, foundations, institutions and organizations in education activities, it is also performing joint works with foreign universities and certain institutions that have proven themselves in international terms. 
Holding online academic interactive language courses, Turkish in particular, under the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office approved Online Education Centre trademark, Turqua is organizing several online education oriented activities. As well as the coordination with Turkish universities in this sense, Turqua is also holding academic collaborations with leading universities abroad, making it one of the most active institutions contributing to online Turkish education and its development.

Turqua Group contributes to Turkey and Turkish language to reach the whole world by granting Online Testing Centre representative agencies abroad under the Online Education Centre trademark.

Turqua is also holding language courses and university preparation courses for foreign nationals. All its services are provided by professionals from the relevant field. Trust and trust-based continuity is one of the most significant elements of Turqua.

By customizing many of its internal services in accordance with the needs and presenting all of them as a whole and in a solution-oriented manner, Turqua believes that developments in education can be possible by taking courageous steps. With the courageous steps taken to this end, Turqua continues its services on feeling the pulse of the future of education in Turkey.

“Creates courage, awareness and difference in education. A brave step you take will no doubt take you to the place you wish to go.” 

Nagehan YANAZ
Founder & CEO

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