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Online Turkish

“The future is in Online” 
Online Turkish classes are being presented under our ONLINE EDUCATION CENTER brand approved by the Turkish Trademark and Patent institution. Our online Interactive Turkish education takes place in an online system that has an academic infrastructure built through the experience and achievements of many years. Our online courses held in virtual classes and consisting completely of interactive classes, is the most suitable system for people who do not have the opportunity to come to Turkey, reside abroad or cannot participate in the courses as the working hours in Turkey are not permitting; and also for students who would like to receive academic education in Turkey but wants to do it without coming to Turkey and without incurring costs such as travel, food, accommodation etc. 

Our interactive classes are being supported with various technologic and digital education materials. Turkish education is provided in 6 levels in classes of 6 people at most, with a program prepared in accordance with European Language Criteria. 

Our students may take part in our 6-level Academic Turkish program and receive a TÖMER certificate based on their success at the completion tests held at the end of each level. Tests are again held Online in our system. Another alternative for the students is to receive Turkish speaking education without sitting the certificate test. Again, these classes are virtual classes providing intense speaking-oriented activities.

Interactive Online Turkish Education consists of 5 courses:
First Level (Beginner): A1 Course – A2 Course
Second Level (Intermediate): B1 Course - B2 Course
Third Level (Advanced): C1 Course

For each level: 
║ Weekday Morning Program ║ 80 hours ║ 6 weeks  ║ 5 days a week ║ 4 hours a day ║
║ Weekday Evening Program ║ 80 hours ║ 7 weeks  ║ 5 days a week ║ 3 hours a day ║
║ Weekend Morning Program ║ 80 hours ║ 8 weeks  ║ 2 days a week ║ 5 hours a day ║
║ Weekend Evening Program ║ 80 hours ║ 10 weeks ║ 2 days a week ║ 4 hours a day ║

Interactive Online Turkish Education includes a exam at the end of each course. Students passing the exam can continue in the next course. At the end of each course, depending on their levels, successful students will receive a İstanbul Aydın University TÖMER or Kastamonu University TÖMER certificate that is recognized in Turkey and the rest of the world. 
All you need for Online Turkish is internet, an updated JAVA, Flash Player, microphone and headset.
Log in to our Online system you will receive your User Name and Password after your application.
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Students wishing to start at a level other than A1 will sit the Online Turkish Proficiency Test. 
Please click to apply the Online Turkish Proficiency Test.

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