What is YÖS (Foreign Students Examination)?
YÖS is an exam held in Turkey for foreign students wishing to receive undergraduate education in public universities in Turkey. Each Turkish university is holding its own YÖS and determines special allocations for foreign students. 

YÖS Requirements;
YÖS can be entered by foreign students studying their final year in high school or who have already graduated from high school. There is no age limit for those wishing to sit this exam.
Students may sit the YÖS exam of more than one university. It is not an exam related to those wishing to apply to Master’s and Doctorate programs, it is only for the students wishing to study an undergraduate program in Turkey.

Where and When is YÖS Held?
In Turkey, each university holds its own YÖS exam in the countries and cities defined by itself. Universities announce the YÖS application and exam dates on their web-sites.
Please click for 2018 YÖS-holding universities and exam dates.

YÖS Content
The number of questions asked in YÖS differs among universities. Usually there are between 80 and 100 questions being asked. The exam consisting of Mathematics, IQ and Geometry questions is a multiple-choice one. Exams are usually held in many languages such as Turkish, English, Arabic and Russian. 

YÖS Application Fee
Each university defines its own examination fee. This fee varies depending on the exam venue and nationality.
Please click for 2018 YÖS application fees.

YÖS Application
Students wishing to apply to YÖS are being directed step by step by our guides during the application process. We help our students to prepare all the required documents. Upon completion of the application forms, the exam applications of the students are done by our guides and their “Exam Entry Documents” are delivered to them.

YÖS Preference Stage
Once YÖS results are announced, the right selections are made through a combination of the wishes of our students and the suggestions of out lecturers and they are placed into the best possible universities based on their grades. 

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